Terms and conditions

  1. The dialysis,nephrology and renal transplantation confederacy represents a none commercial legal(juridicial) personality,that actually constitutes an independent volunteer society of practitioners.(physicians)
  2. The confederation operates in accordance with the  international laws in force and current legislation of Georgia.
  3. The confederation is a legal entity with private property in the possesion,empowered to vindicate assert personal legal rights and disposal (personal property) as well as apper before court of justice in the capacity of both plaintiff and respondent.
  4. The confederation  is presumably established in perpetuity(sine due).It’s activity has an expansion in Georgia and beyond it’s bounds.
  5. Amendments(other alternations and readjustments) can be  moved in the confederation’s general obligation in accordance with the enactment only.
  6. Legal address of the confederation:Tbilisi,Tsinandali street 9.
  7. Founder and promoters of the confederation are:

full name    –    birthdate   –   profession   –   place of residence

1.Managadze Lavrenti  –  14.10.1944  –  urologist  –  Tbilisi city, Paliashvli str.43

2.Sutidze Merabi  –  05.07.1955  –  nephrologist  –  Tbilisi city,Paster str.7a

3.Cochonelidze Irma  –  nephrologist-Tbilisi city,Grigalashvili str.5905.07.1955  –  

4.Ruchadze Itakli  –  07.02.1972  –  nephrologist-Tbilisi city,Tshavtshavadze str.11/102

5.Gvalia Konstantine  –  22.05.68  –  nephrologist  – the city of Chashuri,Agmashenebeli str.151

2.The confederacy is carrying out the following intensions and purposes:

–  Study and reseach of the nephrological activity in the country,localization and faults ,detectioning of errors,establishing the reasons (in the field)

– development and expansion of the nephrological reseach,seeking for future trends and outlook.

– Introduction an expansion of the preventive measures for the nephrological chronical deseases.

– Registration of patients having nephritic, renal deseases.

-Insertion of technical guidelines for setting out priorities for ranal susbtitution therapy.(hemodialysis,renal transplantation,pyretic dialysis.) 

– Provide accuracy of estimate(sound decision)on timely basis  in substitutive therary(renal transplantation,hemodialysis) as well as adequately establishing indications and contra-indications in due time.Accountability and acurate management concepts.

-Creation of data bank for the patients undergoing replacement therapy treatment.

-establishing the guidelines,medical  publications,algorithms and instructions for the personnel to posess qualifications 

-Experience sharing and exchange

-Arranginging contacts with associations and institutions of different countries working in the same field

3.General terms for applicants to enter the organization

3.1 Any natural person confirmed to a post of physician that works and participates in nephrology field accepts the terms and conditions can enter the organization. 

3.2Applicant appeals(applies) the board of administration in a written statement in accordance with a set form. The statement must be enclosed with written consent(recommendation) from at least two members of the administration board.The administration board  makes a decision on the matter in the course of a month.

3.3.Decision on  entrance dismissal or walkout from the organization is made by the board of administration.

3.4.The organization member will be discharged from the office with the decision of the board of administration in the event of:

a.In case the person’s actions are contrary to the organization purposes and intents.

b.In case the person’s actions coarsely infract the organization charter and regulations.

3.5.The organization member becomes legally incompetent (disqualified) in case of:

a.On the strength of his own statement.

b.With the court decision declaring incapable(the member)

c.In case discharging from the the office

d.In case of non-payment  the membership dues/fees during six month at a run(on end) without preliminary notification of the direction  

e.In case of demise(death)

4.Rights and duties for the confederates:

 4.1 The confederate is entitled to:

-Elect and be elected a member of supervisory body,superintendence,executive office.

-Participate in all the arrangements held by the confederacy( in compliance wth the professional skills.)

-To put forward a theory,suggest a plan or project owing to the confederacy activity.

– By the right of advisory ballot take part in the advisory commitee meeting,and in the board of directors.

4.2 confederate is obliged to:

-Maintain and follow the organization chart and regulations

-Take care of the confederation authority prestige regard along with in’s property and possession.

-Carry out instuctions and directions of the officials

– Do not disclose of the confedential information

-Paying one’s subscriptions (membership dues)on terms and at the rate of fixed by the general meeting.

5.To manage the confederacy

5.1-General meeting is a supreme body of the confederation held at least once a year.The extraordinary meeting is convened on request of  chairman of the confederacy,the board of directors or one third of the members of representatives.

5.2The general meeting is served plenipotentiary with attendance of at least  one third of the representatives.The decision is reached with a majority voting of the representatives,in case any diverse vote is not carried by the Georgian legislation or referred to the above regulations.The code at the meeting is designated by the board of directors.

5.3The meeting has exclusive(sole right) to:

-Approve the confederation(organization) regulations,make alternations,insert amendments.

-Define the principal activity,approve(pass) the projects and programmes.

-Elect the board of directors,hear out and establish the report.

-Take a decision over dissolution(liquidation) or rearrangement of the confederacy(organization).

5.4.The board of directors represents secular(standing)executive office elected by majority vote of the seven confederates at the general meeting on 4 year term.

5.5-Special session convocation of the board of directors is held monthly.

5.6-Convocation of special sessions are held by request of a head of the confederacy and one third of the board of directors.

5.7.The  board of directors’ terms of referrence cover:

-Electing a head of the confederacy.

-Providing inplementation of decisions taken by the meeting.

-Taking decision on entrance dismissal walkout of the confederates.

-Reaching decisions over the current affairs/issues(that aren’t related to the exclusive right of the general meeting)emerged between the meetigs requring  prompt solution.

-Establishing of the regiaonal groups for the goal attainment,designate(appoint )their executives(directors) put forward(recommended)by the head.

-The editorial board choosing(electing) to a publication(editorial office)of the confederacy.

-Taking decisions for goal attainment of the organization according the charter and regulations.

5.10.Electing a head of the confederacy with a majority voting of the board of directors on a 4 year term.The assistent director is elected the same way performong the duties of the director(head) failing(in his absence).

-In case of failing both the director and assistent director a person to perform the duties is elected(chosen)from the board of directors on same 4 year term.

5.10.The confederacy activities are entirely controlled by the director that represents(with the other confederates)

the confederacy within the range of the country and abroad.

-Place with,let(nagotiate contracts),carry nagotiations,give out letters of attorney(procuration) on behalf of the confederacy.

 – Take charge of(with approval of the direction)the confederacy property and facilities,open/close accounts in different banks,sign finantial and other documentation.

  -Surveillance(monitoring) over the obligation discharge by the direction and chairman is carred out by the auditing commission.

5.12-The auditing commission consisting of three members is elected by the general meeting.At the same time the auditing commission member can’t fom the part(belong to) of the board of directors.

5.13-Once a year the auditing commission submits for consideration the summary report of the confederacy activities.

6.The confederation facilities and property:

-The membership duties is a derivation(source) for the forming of the confederacy property/facilities.

-Voluntary contributions/grants of legal/natural persons.

-Incomings(finances) obtained from production/economocal activity on legal ground.

-Incomings obtained from the arranged exhibitions,symposiums,lectures.

-Charitable contributions from the foreign organizations,natural/legal person(s)

-Incomings from some other sources specified(provided) by the law.

7.Production/economical activity of the confederation:

The confederation is plenipotentiary to:

-Carry out legally acceptable/admissible pruduction/economic activity.

-Carry out publishing activities.Set up mass media;

-Incomings from production/economic activity must be expended on the confederacy goal attainment.The incoming distribution between the confederates is absolutely inadmissible.

-The confederation ecnomic year consists(concurs with) a calendar year.

8.The confederacy liquidation/disposition and readjustment(reoganization)

-The organization activities  can be phased down/terminated failing(in case of) the reorganozation/readjustment.

8.2-The reorganization is brought into effect(actualized):

-By a majority vote of 2/3rd of the entire/all complement of the general meeting.  

8.3- The confederacy liquidation/disposition is brought into effect:

-By a majority vote  of 3/4th of the entire complement of the general meeting.

-With a court decision(per curiam opinion) in a condition provided/specified by the law.

8.4 The liqudation commission/committee that conducts/directs the liquidation process is set up by the liquidating body in the event that eliminating/dispositiong the organization

8.5.The fortune left after the organization liquidation is turned/handed over legal/non-economic person(s) working in the same field.

8.6 The confederation/organization is considered liquidated,the activities phased out commencing of the effective date of the registry dicision discharging/dismissing from the city register. 

Registered by the writ(n 7/11-211) of Isani-Samgori district court (The 8th of april 2003)of Tbilisi.The Act  of the confederacy terms and conditions validated at the meeting of the founders (the 7th of february 2003).